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How Much Do Collection Agencies Charge?

When you’re thinking to hire a debt collector to help you collect unpaid invoices, the first question you might find yourself asking is: how much does a collection agency charge?

To understand debt collection fees, there are two primary pricing models that collection agencies use: the contingency fee structure and the flat fee model. 

In this guide, we’ll explore the key differences between these two pricing structures, their benefits and drawbacks, and provide clarity on what you can expect in terms of debt collection agency fees and how much it costs to send a delinquent client with overdue bills to collections.

Hire a Debt Collector on a Contingency Fee: No Payment, No Fee

Most debt collection agencies operate on a contingency-based arrangement. This means they will only charge you if they successfully collect the debt on your behalf. For instance, if you engage a collection agency with a 20% contingency fee to recover a $10,000 debt, and they succeed, you’ll receive $8,000, while the agency keeps the remaining 20%, which is $2,000, as their commission. On the other hand, if the agency fails to collect the debt, you won’t owe them any fees.

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The contingency fee percentage typically falls between 20% to 50%, depending on various factors such as the age of the debt (older debts might incur higher fees), the balance owed (small-balance accounts may attract higher fees due to lower profit margins), the volume of accounts (bulk accounts could lead to negotiated lower fees), and the specific industry involved.

The main advantage of a contingency fee arrangement is that you only pay the collection agency if they successfully recover your debt. This incentivizes the agency to work diligently on your behalf to maximize results. Since they don’t get paid unless you do, they are highly motivated to give their best effort. Additionally, with a contingency-based collection agency, you won’t have to pay any upfront fees while your debt remains outstanding.


Hire a Debt Collector with a Flat Fee: A Fixed Cost Approach

In contrast, some collection agency fees are charged on a flat, one-time payment per account, regardless of whether the debt is successfully recovered or not. 

While pricing is a critical factor to consider when hiring a debt collection agency, it’s not the only one. The performance and track record of the agency are equally essential for a successful outcome. Opting for a low-priced agency that delivers inadequate results can be a costly mistake in the long run. It’s better to invest in a reputable and proficient collection agency, even if their fees may seem relatively higher, as their results will ultimately save you money and instill confidence.

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At Monetaria, our experienced debt recovery attorneys offer a transparent pricing model, clearly outlining our contingency-based fees, making it easy for you to understand exactly what you’ll be paying. 

Always remember that hiring the best collection agency with a proven track record can make all the difference in successfully recovering your debts. So, weigh your options wisely and choose a collection agency that delivers results, while providing transparency and clarity in all of their services and communications.

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