Debt Collection Lawyer or Agency: Which One to Choose?


Make an informed choice to collect unpaid debts by learning the differences between using a debt collections attorney and a debt recovery agency.

Debt Collection Attorneys

Debt collection attorneys are licensed attorneys who specialize in harnessing the judicial system to recover money owed to their clients. They have the ability to use the Court system to gain leverage in their efforts to collect the debt. They often go straight fora judgment and pursue legal action to encourage the debtor to work with the creditor to reach an amenable result quicker. 


Third-Party Debt Collection Agencies

Debt collection agencies are not law firms and should not be confused with law firms. They are collectors. This means that they cannot commence a lawsuit. Instead, they use their skills and experience to collect debts outside of Court, such as through the issuance of debt collection letters, and by  encouraging open communications with debtors, negotiating payment plans and other settlement options. Typically, a debt collection agency will connect with debt collection attorneys should they be forced to pursue their legal options outside of their purview. As a general rule, debt collection agencies operate on a contingency basis, which means they won’t receive payment before they collect


How to Choose the Right Option?

There are a few things to consider when choosing between a collection attorney and a third-party debt collection agency. A collection lawyer is the best option if you’re ready to spend more money upfront, and are keen to pursue exclusively judicial means to collect your debt. However, a third-party debt collection firm can be a better choice if you want to avoid any upfront charges and pay if and when the account is collected.

It’s essential to choose a collection lawyer or company cautiously. Collaborating with someone with a track record of achievement and handling debt collecting professionally would be best. Before selecting an attorney or agency, do your homework on them and check reviews from companies that previously used their services.

In many cases, choosing a third party debt collection agency that has a team of debt collection attorneys on staff would be the best choice for your business, and offers the most access to all available options for collecting your money. Monetaria is one of those leading agencies.  Feel free to connect with our expert team to help you.


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If you have unpaid debts that need to be recovered, commercial debt collection may be a good option for your business. A commercial debt collection agency can help you with the process of recovering past-due accounts and provide guidance on best practices for managing accounts receivable. 

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