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Debt recovery solutions designed
to get money back in your hands.

commercial debt recovery services and b2b mca debt collectors new york

are you spending a lot of time
chasing down money only to find
that you’re spending a lot of time
chasing down money?

commercial debt collection agency nyc

you run a business,
not a collection agency

As experts in resolving issues with commercial debt, we know how difficult and lengthy it can be to recover assets.

Monetaria specializes in Merchant Cash Advance default recovery and commercial debt recovery. We locate assets, seize them and convert them into payment.


that count

Our goal is simple. We want to maximize the payout for every submission, because you deserve to get paid.

High Rate
of Recovery

We don’t give up until they
pay up.
High rate of recovery

Time Sensitive Approach

Time is money so we won’t waste yours.
Quick onboarding process

Creative Recovery Techniques

Not another cookie-cutter solution.
Custom-tailored recovery strategies based on your circumstances.

Technology Driven Solutions

Commercial Collections, backed by computers.
Automation software helps increase both efficiency and success rate.

Customer Service Centric

Collection can be awkward, but we won’t be.
Stay informed every step of the way.

No Collection,
No Fee

We don’t get paid until you do.
You won’t be charged until the money is back in your account.

How it works



Submit an application and we will verify the debt.

Gather the necessary invoices and documents and send them our way. We handle claims of all sizes, from $1,000 to $1 million, and collect for clients in all kinds of industries.


We’ll assess your debtor’s assets to determine their ability to repay.

Our highly-trained collection agents will contact the borrower and work to recover your assets with proven negotiation techniques. When necessary, we’ll take the debtor to court.


We’ll turn accounts receivable into accounts received!

We retrieve your debt as quickly and efficiently as possible to get your money back in your hands. Our goal is always to boost your bottom line while keeping collection costs at a minimum.

commercial debt collection services nyc

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we help businesses collect what they’re owed.

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Ready to Recover Your Money?

ready to recover your money?

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